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Happy Hot January!

Sunday, January 27th, 2008


           As I write the word January I think of snow, but somehow the weather in Bangui does not match up with my imagination. It is very dry and dusty here. We all enjoy windy days to cool things down and to keep the dust moving. But then we are constantly breathing it in. So we lose either way.

January was a busy month here in Bangui. We had the big Grand Opening at the welcome center this month and visitors here to witness that event. The union of Grace Brethren churches also had their yearly pastors conference.  We had some pastors come in to help teach. This month has been momentous for me because I have gotten into a routine and have actually started working on some correspondence. I helped write 11 letters one afternoon.  It’s been a very exciting month!

The Grand Opening itself was great, the preparation on the other hand… We Charite leaders had matching material of blue, purple and orange which went along great with the new purple outfits the orphans had. The day before (Jan 18) was a little on the chaotic side as we passed out the purple clothes, a t-shirt and shoes to each child. The kids were in groups by class and then by number. It was crazy. We jokingly called it a zoo! But they all got passed out and everybody was somewhat happy except for the one little boy who got girls shoes and they were both lefties! That was easily fixable.

Some of the teachers spent the night at the school to be ready for the orphans who started arriving at 6AM. I got there a little after 8 and spent the next 1 ½ hours helping pass out brochures to the visitors, dancing to the music of the live band, handing out t-shirts (last minutes), greeting the important visitors, enjoying the breeze, taking pictures, watching dress rehearsals, test tasting the chicken, talking to the kids and trying to wait patiently for the presentation to start supposedly at 9. A little after 10 we started with a prayer and had some speakers. Madam Zokoe started with the history of the Project Hope & Charite. Then Barb Wooler talked about the building and how it will not stand forever. However the mountains behind the building will remain just like the impact on these children’s lives. Psalms 121 was her reference to tie it all together. After a few more speeches the children took over. They sang some songs with much gusto and even did some dances! I liked watching the male teacher who led them as he was dancing around with a homemade pom-pom! Some of us got into the music too!

It was a great program – not too long and enough variety between the speeches and the dances. I don’t think the orphans understood the significance of all the guests but as I sat there and listened to the speeches of all the “big people” I realized that Bangui’s next generation was sitting to my left in matching purple clothes and that they would be making the speeches one day! It encouraged me to keep going even if some days seem pointless!

I want to continue down the alphabet with my prayer requests. You will have to look at my last posting to get the first three.

D Delivery My friend Betty is in labor right now and I want to ask you to pray that God will give her a quick and safe delivery. Also pray for Gabin and Betty as they start this new phase in their lives.

E – Endurance   Karen and I are getting into a routine and are starting to work more on our own rather than under Ginger’s care. We will still be listening to her but more on our own time and schedule. I ask you to pray for endurance for us as we set out to do what we are meant to do.

F – Faces I want to tell you about the faces of each child I see. They have two eyes, a nose, a mouth with at least some teeth, a pair of ears, some black hair and the biggest smiles! And underneath all that there is a little soul yearning for the love and knowledge that I can help bring to them.

Thanks for praying!
    In Him,