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March Madness

Sunday, March 2nd, 2008


Each day in February seems long and hot! Is it my imagination or is life really this dusty? Even though there are specks of ashes flying through the air there are also specks of joy! Every morning I wake up excited and sometimes eager to do something fun and productive. Some people actually call it work.


Last week Ginger, Karen and I had the chance to travel back up country to Yaloke. It was my home 10 years ago. A couple years ago some soldiers came and ransacked most of the station. I was happy to see my old house but also sad to see the remains of some of the so called walls in some of the other houses. I was able to see my oldest brother again. He and his wife have 5 kids. I was not able to sit and drink coffee with them. Not that I really minded – I do not like hot drinks.  I guess there is always next time.


We were able to see some of the high school orphans in our program. They seem to be doing well in school. We gave out small gifts to the top two in each class. I am happy to say that half of the ten kids were orphans from our program! Ginger was proud! It was a fun trip! On the way back we stopped at the waterfalls in Boali. They were beautiful and felt very refreshing as we stood at the bottom and felt the mist mist us!


I have started doing more with the True Love Waits program. On Wednesdays I attend the get together of the leaders of all the clubs in the city. I am enjoying laughing and just hanging out with them! Slowly I am learning their names. It could take awhile because there are close to 40 teens! Every Thursday I go to a meeting of street girls who are in a program that helps them learn to read and they all learn sewing skills and what not. I actually taught a lesson (in Sango!) last week. I had the girls laughing and really felt like we connected! Time will tell.


Things are going well out at the Center. This next week my goal is to go to one classroom and help every single child write a letter to their sponsor. This could be time consuming since there are 50 + kids in some of the classrooms! I also want to make plans to go out to one of the orphan groups and meet up with some of the children who do not attend school at the center. I am looking forward to meeting some of the older children!


Here are some prayer requests and praise!


G – Gabin is pushing/encouraging me to do more with my Sango in the True Love Waits program. There are some days I want to scream out in protest but am silently thanking him on the inside. I thank God for Gabin and his willingness to work with me and help me improve my Sango.


H – Healthy bodies Please pray for the children in our program and their physical health. Also pray for their caretakers and their health. I ask you to also pray for healthy spiritual bodies and minds.


I – Israel was born a couple weeks ago!  He is a cute little baby and is so sweet. Both he and Betty are doing fine. Israel was almost 4 kilos which is almost 8 pounds. I had to apologize to him for thinking he was a girl! It’s so cool to watch Gabin and Betty as parents!  


J – Joyfulness! I want to return thanks to God for making me joyful here in Bangui. Every day I (well most days) I wake up happy and ready to do whatever! Being so full of joy makes it easier being away from my family and friends.



In Him,