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The days go by

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

Wow, April is gone already! I have been so busy that I didn’t realize the days were going by without me acknowledging them or giving them permission. Is that allowed?


As I look back over my calendar for the past month (yes, I have one and actually use it!), I realize how busy I have been. I went to two weekly orphan group meetings, I helped teach an English class, I hung out with some girlfriends and attended some concerts. This is all on top of what I normally do.

 I was able to attend two neighborhood meetings, one in Gobongo and one in Bercai. Each of our 8 groups meet weekly in a smaller setting. They sing and have a short devotional.  There is a group mother (or father) who knows the kids by name and helps us keep track of the children. I loved going and hearing them sing and recite Bible verses!


 It was great! While I was there, I was able to get some letters from some of the children who do not attend our school. At one of the meetings I was asked (on the spot!) to share some words. It was interesting! I don’t remember exactly what I said but I ended with 3 things that we need to do every day – pray, read the Bible and ask for forgiveness. Then one of the other leaders expounded on what I said, which is culturally normal here. 

 There was a team from Wooster, OH here to work on some projects. One afternoon, I arranged a meeting between them and the two children they sponsor. I enjoyed spending time with just a couple of children one on one. It was a fun afternoon full of laughter and lots of pictures!

 wooster-kids-a.JPGI have started meeting with some teenage girls. I meet with Danny (yes, it’s a young lady!) every other Monday. We are covering some of the True Love Waits material. Abiba comes every other Thursday and we are reading The Purpose Driven Life. I like getting to know these girls. Some of their stories are astonishing!  Danny’s father is on wife #4 and the other 3 all live nearby and get along. Abiba has to read her Bible in secret. Once again I am reminded of how blessed my life has been!


Every evening before I go to bed I think back on my day and wonder if I achieved anything. The other night I realized that the smallest thing can make the biggest difference in the eyes of a child – a smile, a hug, shared laughter or eye contact. Thank you for helping me touch these lives!


N – Ndara (Sango for wisdom) I am thinking and praying about extending my stay here until January. Please pray that I and all who are involved will have wisdom in this decision.


O – Openness for Danny, Abiba and I as we meet and discuss life and the sacrifices we make to follow Christ.


P – Partnership Pray that the partnership between children and their sponsors will grow as I work on building that relationship through letters.

 Q – Questions Ginger, Karen and I are in the process of asking kids multiple questions as we fill out the end of the year report to send to each sponsor. Pray that we will understand each child and will recognize their individuality