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Praise Him! Praise Him!

Sunday, May 25th, 2008

 Bala – o (Greetings) from Bangui!      

       I want to share a GIGANTIC praise with you!  I am staying in Bangui for an extra 4 months!  My original plan was to leave in September ’08, but now I will be extending my stay until January ’09. I love working here, the African people, the culture, the climate and the food! I believe God is calling me to do this full time. Please pray with me that in these additional four months God’s will will be made clear to me.


 During the extra months – I will continue my work with correspondence with Project Hope & Charite program. I will be the PHC contact here in Bangui.I will assist with the four teams coming out to meet their orphans in October.I will continue participating with the teens in the True Love Waits program and mentoring with some of the girls on a bi-weekly basis. I am asking you to help me stay here. If you support me financially or prayerfully I ask you to allow God to lead you to extend your support for 4 more months. I am honored that God is allowing me to serve Him in a job that I absolutely love! Thank you for helping me to share His love to the people in Central Africa.  On May 29 my mom and dear friend Peggy Wojtowicz are coming out for a week long visit to see my work firsthand. Please pray that we will have a good time of fellowship and that they will remain healthy as we try to pack so much in their short time. Today I did something for the very first time. A member of one of the True Love Waits clubs died this week. I, along with some of the other missionaries, went to encourage the family. Marley was only 22 and sang in one of the TLW music groups. He is the one in the back on the far right. Marley stayed with his uncle Dr. Ngoumape, who is the head of the Bata Bible Institute and Seminary and he is also the new ACLS (L’Association Chretienne pour la Lutte condre le SIDA – the Christian Association’s Fight against AIDS). img_0589.JPGHere in Bangui death seems so commonplace, just an everyday occurrence. Recently I discovered that our fruits and vegetable lady has AIDS. There was a crazy lady that lived across the street who died this week. Then I found out one of our orphans has AIDS. Today I went to the center and our secretary told us that 4 of our children lost their mother yesterday. She and the baby she was holding was hit by a truck and killed instantly. The aunt that was walking with her lost both of her legs in the accident. I know these families are suffering and I suffer with them. But I can also rejoice with them. 1 Cor. 15:55 says, “O death where is your victory? O death, where is your sting?” I want to end with some prayer requests.   R – Rest and relaxing time with my mom and friend. I am looking forward to the week that they will spend here in Bangui.  S – Sewa (Sango for family) please help lift up the families who have lost loved ones recently.  

T – Thankfulness – I am so thankful for the great teachers we have on staff at our PHC school who are doing an excellent job teaching our children. (Below Madam Collette, Mr. Thierry and Mr. Makilo)

 img_2587.JPGU – Until January – I am staying until January! PTL