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God Works

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

Romans 8:28 tells us, “In all things God works for the good of those who love Him and who have been called according to His purpose.”This does not mean we can just sit back with our feet up sipping on our ice cold lemonade. We each have our share to do according to God’s plan. I want to share with you the PART of God’s purpose being played out in my life in Bangui!   city-power-light.JPG  When this little light bulb is shining we are extremely happy and thankful! The last month our electricity was off more than it was on. And a piece of our generator died so when we had no electricity, we had no power. This affects our refrigerators, lights, the internet, fans, the washing machines and our computer batteries. Imagine waking up sweaty in a dark house and eating food from the fridge before it goes bad. Fun, huh! This little light tells us we have Power. It has been working over the weekend and we are very grateful!  amo-team.JPG Our missionary team had a wonderful time welcoming the African Missionary Internship (AMI) team. We had to adjust some housing plans and luggage placement but it was an amazing experience for this team as they wet their appetite on our lives and work here in Bangui. It was refreshing to have new liveliness and to watch God touch their hearts with love for these people. Who knows what God will produce with their lives?  emily-wren-and-i.JPG On August 14, 2008 my life will change. That is when Tim and Ginger Hock head west for home ministries. I will gain many more Responsibilities. This is one of the reasons I wanted to stay until January (when they return). I get to meet at least once a month with each pastor and the teacher from our Hand and Hand schools. I will collect their monthly written reports, listen to their oral reports, and pay them. I also get to help hand out the TLW money.  Ginger’s office will become my headquarters for a day or two a week. It will be a different experience for me. I will also continue to work on correspondence between the children and their sponsors. This summer Karen and I have been Teaching at our center. She has about 25 older kids and she is teaching them English. I tutor 20 children that struggled in level two and did not pass. I am enjoying being in a classroom and coming up with creative ways to help these children understand the concept of carrying when they are adding. Some of them are having trouble reading too. Each new day is a promise full of hope that a child will learn something new.   karen-teaching.JPGAs you continue to carry out the task God has called you to do, please remember to pray for the part God has called me to in Bangui. Merci!  Y – Your life – Pray that you will remain faithful in God’s plan for your life. Z – Zia (Sango for open.) Pray that God will continue to open the children’s minds as they grow and learn this next year spiritually and mentally.