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The End and the Beginning

Monday, September 1st, 2008

The End and the Beginning


No, that is not a typing error. I wanted to say ‘the end and the beginning’. Certain eras in my life are ending and some are just beginning. Some things have to end before other things can start. One has to finish putting on his sock before he can begin putting on his shoe. One has to finish high school before he can start college.


The end has ended and the beginning has begun.


Karen’s one year term will end this Thursday. She will head back to the States with a heart full of love and compassion for the people she met here. Karen did a great job teaching Bible to the kids at the Centre this last school year! She also taught an English class to some of the high school kids this summer. Her time here has ended but a new beginning is waiting for Karen Courter.


Our summer school has also come to an end. It has been delightful to get to know some of the children a little better in our classrooms these last few months. I am also hoping they learned some things in the process! I enjoyed planning my teaching days and challenging the students who are on a variety of learning levels. On our last day we had a little party. We had some popcorn and I gave each student a coloring book. They were overjoyed! We (all the students and I) were sad that this time had to come to an end. But school will start again soon.




Every Wednesday I go to the True Love Waits leader’s meeting. We meet for some time of fellowship, praise and worship, additional training and to plan future events.

I feel love and acceptance with this group of teens. When I first started going to these leader meetings, I knew Gabin and that was it. After awhile I started to recognize some of the girls. It took me awhile to learn their names. Now I am working on getting to know the guys. And it’s amazing because they aren’t just faces anymore. I know who they are, their strengths, their parents, their laughs and their ambitions. And now I am the newly elected treasurer for this group of leaders. We have a president and secretary as well. At least every other week we meet to discuss the future of TLW. I enjoy being around these guys. They can understand my Sango and can grasp my concepts. We laugh a lot! I am honored to be associated with them and can’t wait to see how God is grooming them to do His will.




Another era of beginning is my work in the office. With Ginger’s absence, I have the responsibility of the Centre, Hand and Hand schools and the TLW budget. Right now I am helping to organize the teacher training we have coming up September 15 – 23. We have 25 teachers who will come for part of these two weeks to learn how to teach. This will be a refresher course for some of these teachers. This is a picture of Appolinaire and I discussing the teacher training.  



I pray for you on your road of life that is full of ends and beginnings and middles that you will continue to thirst for God and His Word.


A – Apollinaire and Emmanuel as they will be teaching the training from September 15-23. Pray for any last minute preparations they might need to make.


Z – Zeal – Pray that the True Love Waits leaders will have zeal and passion as they share the message that True Love DOES wait.