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There is a time for everything

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

Life is full of changes and once I get used to something it seems like the time has come for it to change. Has the calendar really changed to October already? As I was getting to know Ginger and started working with her (and it seemed like we could read each other’s minds sometimes), she left for home ministries. Once I got a pattern for helping the children from our school write letters, school let out for the summer. Ecclesiastics tells us that there is a time for everything and we just have to decide how we will handle it when the time comes.


There have been a few changes in my life recently. The one that has affected me this month is filling in for Ginger as the Director for the Hand and Hand (HnH) program. We had two full weeks and three different levels of training for the teachers of these local schools. I got to represent Ginger and made 7 different speeches to welcome these teachers and to wish them well and send them on their way. I handed out supplies, got contracts signed, gave out diplomas and even found time to take some pictures! And I wasn’t even in charge of the training that goes to Appolinaire and Emmanuel (pictured below). I know they deserve a rest. I praise God that everything went well and am happy to hear that schools are starting with prepared teachers and eager students!


I am looking forward to helping make a positive change in the lives of some of our orphans this month. We have some teams of sponsors coming out to meet their children. I can’t wait to watch the joy and adoration on the children’s faces as they greet their sponsor!

I will be helping arrange these meetings and also helping translate. October will be a full month and I am looking forward to it.


I was able to witness another change – a new True Love Waits club at the Yakandjia church. Gabin and the TLW leaders were asked to help host a week long youth conference. It was a great week and it ended Sunday afternoon with a music concert. During intermission, there was a contest, a gozo eating contest. Each of the four contestants had a ball of gozo and a plate of sauce placed in front of them. The crowd went wild as these young men literally stuffed their faces! This same crowd sat silent a little bit later as Benjamin got up to speak. At one time Benjamin lived a life full of sin and as a result ended up getting AIDS. The crowd grasped as he showed us all the medicine he was taking. He warned us to keep our bodies pure and healthy by not having sex until we are married. It was a powerful moment.


Madame Zokoe finally made it back from her trip to the States. She spent some time in France with her daughter and got to be there for the birth of her grandson.  Now we are both focusing on getting ready for the new school year. We will be sending more of our orphans to the Christian high school in Yaloke, thanks to the generous gift from adult conference. And there is talk of opening a level 1 classroom across town from our center so the younger kids won’t have to travel by bus every day. There are many decisions and changes to make.

Everybody makes changes, some are for the good and some are for the bad. Today I want you to help me focus on NEW ones that I pray will bring about a better change.

N – Nurturing Please pray for the children who will get to meet their sponsors face to face. It will be a wonderful time to nurture their relationship from a seed into a full rosebud.

E – Eleve (French for student) There are a lot of returning students and some new ones too who are starting school this month. Pray that their minds will be open to learning.

W – Wisdom for those of us that are making these decisions about the future lives of these children.

Please let me know if there are any changes in your life that I may pray for and with you. Thanks for being a part of my life and joining me in prayer.