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Sponsors Arrive

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

Hello Everybody!

    The month of October just flew by! Were there really 31 days this month or did somebody cut it short?

October (my 13th month here) was full of teams coming out for Project Hope & Charite. It was great being able to meet these people and put names to faces I have read on sponsor lists. Barb (the infamous Barb Wooler!) arrived on the 9th with 3 other ladies – Becky, Lois and Margaret. Becky has 30+ years teaching kindergarten and came out to share her wisdom with our teachers here. Lois and Margaret who were both missionaries out here helped with the translation. We had 30 students from some of our Hand and Hand schools and from our centre.


  It was a fun seminar and the teachers/students said they learned a lot. After the training the five of us went to different HnH schools to help implement what the teachers learned. That was great! One thing that Becky focused on was the different learning styles. Some people learned best by hearing things while others have to see it. Here are some kids who are participating in an activity that helps the children who need to touch to learn.


After Becky and Lois left, we had another team arrive. Kirk, Kay, Carol, Brenda and Lee Ann are all sponsors who came out to visit their children. It was amazing to help these people and their children meet and connect. Love can be expressed without words therefore breaking any language barriers. Kay and Petula were able to draw with chalk.


 Carol and Abigail blew bubbles together. Lee Ann and Gracia played volleyball. Brenda and Delphin listened to music. Kirk played Uno and lost to Victor. Check out the blog at to hear what the team says about this trip. This was our first sponsorship team and I am looking forward to many more! It was quite an experience!



One thing Barb and I did with this team was to visit some HnH schools. We gave the team a quick Sango reading lesson (it’s easy – everything is phonetic!) and then they were able to test the students. This activity had many purposes. Each team member had some one on one time with a precious child. The child felt important, I mean a white person wouldn’t sit and read with just anybody! And we were able to double-check the progress of the students. It’s a win/win/win situation!


On Thursday, the team’s last day here, we had the children over for an American lunch of hamburgers and French fries. One girl ate just ketchup and bread and more ketchup. Then she saw the mayonnaise! Afterwards it was time for gifts. Some of the ‘parents’ had clothes made for them and their children out of matching material. It was definitely a Kodak moment! The tears came pouring out as we translated the good – byes. Even some of the kids had watery eyes. As Barb pulled out with the truck of kids waving, the ladies sat down on the steps and just held each other. Words weren’t necessary.


As I watch the calendar flip to another month, I realize my time for good – byes is coming up soon. It makes me sad to think about it. One of my friends who is sick says I can’t leave. She and all the orphans will run out on the runway and hold on to the plane so it won’t be able to take off. One of my TLW friends says he feels sick when he thinks about it. Please pray that I will remain strong and focus on my time here.

I want to leave you with three things to talk to God about –  my past, present and the future.

Past – Praise God for my Christian family (I’m not just talking about my physical family!)

Present – Pray that the relationships and work that I am doing now (with PHC and TLW) will give glory to God. Return thanks for the fun I have while I am working.


Future –  I am mentally thinking of what I will do when I get home. I feel God is calling me back here but do not know what is on the road right in front of me. Please pray that I will be patient and open to God’s guidance.

Thanks for your prayers and love!