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Nzapa amu na mo Ngangou!

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

I hear that phrase a lot, especially recently. It means, “God give you strength.”  I am finishing my time here in a thunderstorm. You know when it rains it pours and there is thunder and lightening too! I just told somebody that my last two months here will either break me or make me.

I remember Barb and the team being here but have no idea how long ago that was. Time seems to run past me and I am still trying to catch up. But at the same time I want to slow it all down. My departure date is getting nearer and I avoid looking at calendars to know how near it is.

Things have been in a blur and I do not know where to start telling you about all that is going on. But I guess I’ll try.

School is back in session! Our PHC School has grown to thirteen classes. This is HUGE compared to the seven we had last year! As your brain is probably asking, where the kids came from to fill thirteen classes, my brain has an answer. We have added new children in our PHC program. I (and Barb some too) have been working on getting the bios and pics of all these new students. So far we have over one hundred new children and I’m not done yet. I have three prayer requests in this area.


        P – Patience – I need patience as I work with small children and ask them questions  

                  that they may not know the answers to.


    P – Pictures – For every child I take a picture and find out their history.  Every 

               afternoon I come home and label each picture with the correct child’s name.

              Sometimes it is hard to keep track of who is who.


    P- ‘pelling’ or spelling – The names here can be spelled in so many different ways.

             The letters ‘ou’ and ‘w’ can be interchangeable. There are challenges in working

             with names when there is no correct way to spell them.


Instead of transporting a lot of our children across town, we have opened another PHC school in the Bercail neighborhood. There are two levels in this school and I was able to spend the day there last Tuesday. I had fun talking to the teachers and worked on some bios. It was a fun day and productive day!


I don’t know if you guys know anything about harvesting rice. I don’t but am learning. There is a drying process and some kind of shifting needs to be done. One morning I was out at our centre and saw some of the widows working on drying and shifting some of our rice crop. It has been cool to watch the seeds grow and helping bring the rice harvest in! Who knows maybe I’ll be able to eat some of it before I go!

On Sunday I went with my friend to her church. She teaches Sunday school or I should say helps teach. There are about 8 young people who teach the younger people. There were over 200 children ranging in ages from little babies who couldn’t hold their heads up to 17 year olds. I was impressed with how well the children listened and behaved as they sat there for over two hours.  On this particular day there were practicing for their Christmas program. One teacher taught them a new song and then another helped them work on verses as they prepared to tell the Christmas story.   


Speaking of Christmas I must tell you about my other enormous project. If I think about it to much I get overwhelmed but I have broken it down into steps and it’s manageable.

Barb and I had a conversation about sponsors asking about how to send a Christmas gift to their adopted orphan. She came up with the idea of a Christmas packages that the sponsors can ‘purchase’ by sending money to GBIM. Actuality I will be doing the purchasing and delivering. It sounds great which it is but, the step I failed to mention is the ‘wrapping’ step. I have these clothes, rice, sugar, coffee, Bibles, tea, coloring books and other things to separate into bags and label them with the children’s names. Looking at all the food I tend to think Whoa! What have I gotten myself into! But I have terrific friends who are willing to help.  Right now we have over one hundred and twenty plus Christmas orders and I am ecstatic to be able to help spread the Christmas joy!


I hope you all have a joyful heart as you prepare and celebrate the birth of our Savior!