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Friday, April 3rd, 2009

In Hebrews we are encouraged to ‘run with perseverance the race marked out for us.’ 

Sometimes it is hard to focus on life here while I am dreaming of Africa with every heart beat.  But I am realizing that God has me here in Aiken, SC for a reason.  I need to be open to see what He has for me.


I have settled in and feel at home now.  I can finally take my coat off while I am indoors! I have found a summer job where I used to work at a theraputic daycare.  I am getting more involved with my church again which includes working with the youth and teaching the young children. And just having fun!

Many of you know I do want to return to Africa.  That process is coming along.  I am excited to see all the pieces coming together!  I am working on looking for new partners in my ministry. 

God is good and has given me the chance to continue working with Sango.  I am helping translate some letters from the children in our orphan program.    Through this I am able to stay in touch with the children and help the sponsors connect with their children.


Thank you for helping me share His LOVE and for continuing to pray for me.

L – Learn to be faithful and trust God in ALL things

O – Open to what God wants me to do NOW

V – Vrai Amour Attente (True Love Waits) and the message as it continues to spread in Africa

E – Eagerness  – That I will be able to share my eagerness and love for Africa to people I talk to

Thank you for your love and prayers!