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Fall season

Friday, September 4th, 2009

It’s begining to feel like fall here in South Carolina. I do not know how I will do with the cold weather so I’m glad it is coming slowly. The name ‘fall’ reminds me that no matter how many times we fall God is always there to pick up back up. When I think I know what I am doing I fall flat on my face, but God is there and has even a better plan.

Most of you know that the plan was for me to attend Center for Interculural Training (CIT) in Charlotte, NC this fall, however God’s ways are no always the same as ours. Due to the lack of financial support, God showed me that CIT was not the place for me right now. He did open another door for me at Christ Central Institute. I am attending this Bible school in Wagener, SC for a year and will graduate with a Bible certificate. I love my classes (all 6!) and am making many new friends. Thank you for your continued prayers and remember if you fall, to fall on God!