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Thankful Heart

Give thanks with a grateful heart! 

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to reflect on what God has done for us. He came to earth for us, measly little sinners. And then He DIED!!!!!  What a precious and undeserving gift!


My entire family was able to spend some time together over Thanksgiving. I am the oldest of five children and three of them have spouses. We had full house!  The last time we were together was almost three years ago!

  All things work together for the good of those who love Him. 

God has touched my heart with Africa and children for as long back as I can remember. I was blessed that God called me and combined the two and allowed me to serve Him. God has blessed me as I obeyed Him and went to Africa for the last couple of years.


Right now God is leading me in a different direction. I do not know where but I am following the road He is putting in front of me. God is calling me to a different ministry right now. Thank you for the years of support, encouragement and prayers. I cannot express how grateful I am to all of you!


 I will not be sending out anymore updates, but would love to stay in touch with you. The relationship we have goes beyond Africa! Write to me if you have any questions that I can help answer. My new email address is


I am getting involved with my church. We just had a Christmas program and I was able to help with the children. They were so cute! I just had to include this picture!


I pray that you will have a Christ-ful Christmas season!

  In Him,     Laura 

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